Is Watching Sports A Hobby (Or A Waste Of Time)?

A hobby is defined as something that is done regularly, in one’s leisure time, for pleasure.

So yes, watching sports is certainly a hobby. It can also be considered a pastime, and there are plenty of reasons why this activity has become so popular over the years.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best benefits when it comes to watching sports as a hobby.

Watching Sports As A Hobby: 5 Reasons To Indulge

watching sports as a hobby

There’s no doubt about it, that watching sports from the comfort of your own home can be a very pleasurable hobby. While there are going to be times where you might have better things to do, let’s take a look at the biggest benefits of watching sports as a hobby.

And before we begin, towards the end of the article I’ll also be talking about a few reasons where watching sports as a hobby can be a waste of time as well. So be sure to read those as well.

1) Watching Sports Is Enjoyable

I know this from first-hand experience, and I will also be the first to say that watching sports can be a super-enjoyable hobby.

It’s such an enjoyable (and comfortable) feeling to know that your hard day of work is over. Now you can kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy watching your favorite team.

Don’t forget about when your favorite team hits a buzzer-beater to win a playoff game, or heck, just a regular-season game. There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite team do well.

2) Watching Sports Is A Way To Escape

Aside from the fact that watching sports is enjoyable, it’s also a great way to momentarily ‘escape’ from whatever stress or problems that you might have.

Regardless of what hell is going on in the world, or in your personal or job life, you can always:

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Search for any big games that pique your interest.
  • Tune in and momentarily zone out to the excitement.

Watching sports, in a way, can be similar to watching nostalgic cartoons, or even watching anime. It’s kind of like taking a momentary vacation, except it’s not going to cost anywhere near as much. Plus, you can watch sports with a group of friends (more on that soon).

3) Watching Sports Allows You To Be A Fan

I’ve been a fan of many teams and various athletes from a wide variety of sports. The problem there is that I never got to see many of my favorite athletes and teams perform live.

This problem was immediately solved by simply being able to watch sports from the comfort of my own den, and the same goes for you. Heck, you can still act like you’re watching a Winter’s football game from New England:

  • Grab some snacks and a beverage.
  • Throw on your favorite player’s jersey.
  • And no need for the snow, because, well, you’re in your den 🙂

The fact of the matter is that you’re still capable of being a (super) fan, even from the comfort of your own home. You can cheer on your favorite team, or even favorite players if you’re into any type of fantasy sports.

Heck, you can even watch your favorite wrestling superstars as a hobby (if you’re into that).

4) Watching Sports Is A Very Inexpensive Hobby

Remember when I previously said that I was never able to see many of my favorite athletes or teams live? Aside from time and travel, you also need to consider how much it would cost to be able to do that.

Another great reason why watching sport is a great hobby is because it’s very expensive. There’s a good chance that you already have all the resources that you’d need to watch sports from your couch.

To further make my point, here’s what you’ll need to watch sports from home:

  • A television.
  • Cable (around $50-$100 per month).

According to Statista, there were well over 1.7 billion televisions worldwide. So even if you don’t have a TV yourself, you will most likely know someone who does where you can watch.

There’s also the option for Netflix as well, which is as low as $8.99 per month. These types of numbers aren’t exactly going to be breaking the bank anytime soon.

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Back on track, let’s compare those prices, for example, to actually watching football in person and what you’d have to spend:

  • Game tickets.
  • Food and beverages (which are pricey).
  • You need to travel (which could be by plane).
  • If you travel far then you’ll most likely need a hotel (car rental and gas too).

No wonder why most people prefer sitting on a comfy couch or chair and watching from home. It makes perfect sense, and you can still put all of your energy, passion, and support into your favorite team.

All in all, watching sports is one of the most inexpensive hobbies that you can partake in. Heck, you can even watch highlights on YouTube as well.

Plus, don’t forget about the fact that you most likely already have all of the tools that you’ll need to be a sports fan.

5) Watching Sports Allows For Great Family Bonding Experiences

I’ve saved the best reason for last here, and once again, this comes from personal experience.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many great bonding experiences and memories that I’ve had from watching a particular sport on TV. Heck, I could even remember the plays, where I was, and what I was doing at the time:

  • Lebron James legendary blocked shot against Andre Iguodala (then winning).
  • Michael Jordan’s last shot against Bryon Russell (I was getting my hair cut).
  • Tom Brady coming back from a 21-3 deficit and winning the Super Bowl.

And don’t forget all of the times that my friends and family went to Buffalo Wild Wings in order to watch the main UFC events. All of these memories and great social experiences, I will never forget.

I’m sure the same goes for you too, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why watching sports can be such a great hobby. As it comes along with many memories that you’ll never forget.

Is Watching Sports As A Hobby A Waste Of Time?

is watching sports a waste of time

If you couldn’t tell by what I’ve written so far in the article, then you probably already know that I have a pretty strong opinion when it comes to anyone who watches sports or even movies as a hobby.

On the other hand, there are going to be a few times where watching sports is a waste of time. There are always two sides to the story, right?

Here are a couple of reasons why I’d not recommend this as a hobby, or in other words, when it’s definitely going to be a waste of time:

  1. When you haven’t put in the work.
  2. When you have other priorities that need to be taken care of.

It’s pretty straightforward, and I see just about any other hobby or fun activity in the same way. When it comes to kicking back and relaxing, I want to personally feel like I earned.

In a way, it’s almost like a reward.

So if I haven’t accomplished what I needed to get done for the day (or for work), then I’m not going to have any time for my hobbies until they get done.

There’s a good chance that other people may not think like this, and that’s perfectly fine, as I’m all about a good balance. I do also think that there is a fine line when it comes to watching:

  • Soccer, hockey, football, baseball, basketball…

Or any other sport as a hobby, and being a couch potato. In many cases, it is easy to distinguish the difference between having an interest in something and spending too much time on it.

After all, I would know, that’s what this entire website is dedicated to 🙂

Closing Words About Watching Sports As A Hobby

So is watching sports a hobby? Absolutely, and there are quite a lot of great reasons as you’d want to partake in this enjoyable, exciting, and relaxing hobby.

Unless, of course, your team can never seem to win any games. Talk about taking all of the passion and energy out of this fun and exciting hobby.

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