Is Watching Anime A Hobby, Interest, Or Considered Childish? (Explained)

Whether you’re watching Goku or the Ghost In The Shell, I’m sure that the question has popped up in your mind quite a few times:

You know, if watching anime can be considered a hobby or not.

In fact, there are plenty more questions that come along with watching anime, so allow me to answer as many of them as possible for you.

Does Watching Anime Count As A Hobby?

is watching anime considered a hobby

Every activity you purposely carry out in order to have fun or merely enjoy your time could, and should, be considered a hobby. So yes, watching anime is definitely a hobby.

In addition, watching anime has some remarkable benefits. Not only for the content itself but also because of the way it can be consumed.

1) It’s Easy To Watch Anime Regularly

But you knew that already, didn’t you? Nowadays, there is a vast content market from which to pick the next show or movie to commit to. We’ve all had that feeling of wanting to begin:

  • Dexter.
  • Vikings.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Game of Thrones.

Or any other acclaimed tv show in which its 50-minute-long episodes span out throughout several seasons, but who has the time?

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The point is, anime (given its episodes tend to be pretty short) is considerably easier to fit into any schedule on a regular basis.

2) Watching Anime Isn’t A Very Expensive Hobby

Thanks to the rise of media platforms such as Netflix or HBO, the price of content has reached a point in which a majority part of society can afford it.

When it comes to anime, it’s even more accessible as there are tons of fully uploaded animated shows online… for free. Most of them even incorporated multiple sources in case one may have issues, as well as different languages and subtitles.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a more reliable option, there’s always the alternative of subscribing to a platform such as Crunchyroll.

Is Watching Anime An Interest?

Watching anime is most definitely an interest. Especially for the fact that it lines up with the definition: the feeling of wanting to give your attention to something or of wanting to be involved with it.

Similar to when you consider watching anime as a hobby, there’s no written rule that prevents you from enjoying anime-style shows or movies. Therefore, there should come no shame with it.

Ultimately, movies and television shows are among the most common hobbies people from around the globe share. Anime is different in some ways, sure.

However, specific characteristics of every entertainment are precisely what makes them valuable.

Is Watching Anime A Childish Thing?

The quick and brief answer is going to be no, watching anime isn’t a childish thing.

Slightly more extensive answer: While it is usual to witness people referring to anime as kid’s entertainment (just like Pokémon games or videogames in general), there is no genuine reason to support this point.

The relation made is cartoon=kids, but that doesn’t always apply. We all grew up watching tv shows that were mostly animated. Maybe there’s where the misconception became ingrained in so many people’s heads.

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Clearly, some animes can be targeted at kids, just like any other form of media can be. You wouldn’t assume live-action TVshows are made specifically for kids just because you used to watch some of them when you were 9 years old, right?

The identical rule of thumb applies here, as a relatively logical correlation doesn’t always imply to be right.

Just like its comrades, anime shows are divided by genres. This has been accepted by all as the proper way to determine which is going to be your next binge-session victim.

Are you craving something simple, joyful? Perhaps you’re into mystery and monsters? There’s a neverending number of options, so why should you limit yourself to a singular style of fiction?

Within five minutes of research, you will be able to come across some of the most epic, famous, and acclaimed anime shows of all time, which tend to be the gateway into the anime world for all those people who’ve never witnessed Japanese animation.

Is Anime An Addiction?

Not per se. Nothing is, really. And everything can be. This is a simple “formula” to keep in mind, especially when it comes to watching anime.

Just like books or every form of fiction, anime can work as an escape from reality. Instantly teleporting to worlds filled with magic, heroes, foes to defeat, love, and so on, can be quite amusing.

Especially when you don’t confront the enemies yourself, but rather you become a spectator (quite literally) of another’s journey. A voyage that more often than not turns out to have a good ending.

Anime addiction is developed primarily by teenagers. Whenever people start getting a real taste of the jobs, responsibilities, and the world itself, it’s common to feel like running and hiding inside your room to binge the next anime.

Despite the appeal of the idea, it is crucial to remember there is no escape from reality that will prevent problems from coming back.

We shouldn’t rely on fiction to escape from our problems, but rather to take a break from them. Keep in mind that developing an addiction is no joke and can happen to anyone, no matter how unlikely we think we are to develop such condition.

That being said, proceed with a tablespoon of caution!

Closing Words About Watching Anime As A Hobby

Since anime began to intertwine with occidental society, the influence of Japanese artists, writers, and musicians have gathered all along the world is hard to ignore.

The occidental culture has been a point of reference for many people, as it not only has become a powerful “aesthetic”, but also the source of some remarkable work.

The manga and anime fanbase has been expanding ever since, reaching all along with the demographic range and all kinds of backgrounds. To some, it might be just a “nerdy” hobby or a phase from which you’re supposed to grow out, but it doesn’t work like that, does it?

People whose lives revolve around the things that bring them passion and joy will not stop spending time with the activities of their choice unless they no longer fulfill their function: having a good time. It all comes down to something as simple as that.

Why would you waste your time trying to disregard someone’s favorite:

…or any other kind of hobby? It’s just not worth it, regardless of how many hobbies someone has.

Live your life and make sure to discover the things you’re passionate about along the way. Once you’ve achieved that, don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong or inappropriate for your age, gender, or any other reason.

Everyone should be free to experience whatever makes them happy. And guess what? Absolutely no one has a say in it except for you.