Laser Tag Vs Paintball: What Is Better? (Things To Consider)

There’s no doubt about it that both laser tag and paintball are a tremendous amount of fun, but what’s going to be the preferred activity?

Let’s talk about that now as I explain many of the similarities and benefits.

Laser Tag Vs Paintball

laser tag vs paintball

When it comes to games, both laser tag and paintball are extremely popular options. Both games will fill you with adrenaline and excitement and they’re generally really fun to play with friends.

However, it’s time to do the ultimate comparison between the two and more importantly, find out which game conclusively comes out on top.

Similarities Of Laser Tag And Paintball

First and foremost, it’s pertinent to dive a little deeper into all the ways that laser tag and paintball are similar. That is, there unmistakably are some notable differences.

For example, both games are suitable for people of just about any age. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a younger child, a teenager, or a full-grown adult, both laser tag and paintball will provide you with a good time.

Also, both games are played in teams. To make this less abstract, with paintball, the goal is to eliminate members of the other team with balls of dye until they’re all defeated.

When it comes to laser tag, you also have to work in teams. With this game, the goal is to score as many points as you can by shooting your opponents and other targets with a light gun.

Related to the above-mentioned similarity, the equipment and scenery are quite alike with laser tag and paintball. That is to say, for paintball you will need a toy gun filled with capsules of dye, while you will need a toy light gun to play laser tag.

With both games, you’ll also have to wear vests. Finally, both games can be played in indoor venues as well as in outdoor venues.

Differences Of Laser Tag And Paintball

Now, in order to do a decent comparison, it’s not only crucial to know what’s similar, but more importantly, you should also know what the big differences are.

So, that’s why this section will shed some light on the most notable differences between laser tag and paintball. Only then will you be able to determine which game you prefer.

For starters, the first big difference is that you won’t feel a thing when you get shot in laser tag. The same can’t be said about being shot with a gun associated with paintball, to say the least.

Specifically, depending on which part of your body that you get hit, this can sometimes get surprisingly painful.

Moreover, while you need equipment for both games, the requirements are a little bit more extensive when it comes to playing paintball as a sport.

Specifically, when playing paintball, you will need:

  • A protective mask.
  • A paintball gun and ammo.
  • Full-fledged body gear which includes elbow caps and knee caps.

With laser tag, you just need a vest with sensors and a light gun, so that’s surely a big difference.

Finally, when you’re playing paintball, you will have to restock on ammo from time to time. Since you have physical capsules of dye, there’s also the risk of losing them during the game.

With laser tag, on the other hand, you don’t have any of this. At the start of the game, you will receive your gun and you will be good to go throughout the entire game.

What Is Better Paintball Or Laser Tag?

Taking all this above-mentioned information into account, the conclusion seems to be that laser tag is the better option, for sure.

Even though you can get a great surge of adrenaline from playing paintball, laser tag just has slightly more to offer. To fortify this statement, now let’s get into the two most relevant benefits associated with playing laser tag.

1) Laser Tag Is Less Expensive

The first striking benefit as regards playing laser tag is that it’s significantly less expensive than playing paintball. Of course, even when it comes to paintball, there are more expensive choices and there are more cheap choices but all in all, playing this game will cost you.

More concretely, you’ll have to pay for paintball gear and a mask, as well as a gun.

All these things are already rather costly. However, the most expensive aspect of paintball by far is the ammunition that goes with it.

For just one game of paintball, you’ll find that you will need an enormous amount of paintballs, so you could definitely say that money is a factor in this department.

Contrastingly, when it comes to playing laser tag, you don’t need as much equipment as is the case with paintball. The only thing that you genuinely need is a vest with sensors on for when you get hit and a light gun.

You can rent both of those things at the laser tag venue of your liking and you commonly won’t pay half as much as you would with paintball, so that’s positively something to take into account.

2) Laser Tag Is Pain And Paint-Free

Secondly, another thing to consider is the fact that playing laser tag won’t cause you any pain. If you get shot by a laser tag gun, this will get picked up by the sensors on your gear, but besides that, you won’t notice a thing physically.

In regards to playing paintball, that’s a whole other story.

Namely, if you get shot by a paintball gun, you’ll find that this can certainly hurt, as described above. That is to say, it’s not that uncommon for players to have bruises on different places on their bodies after an intense game of paintball.

Besides being pain-free, playing laser tag is also paint-free. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes after playing the game, as opposed to what’s the case with playing paintball.

With paintball, your clothes can get stained with paint, regardless of the protective gear that you wear. And while this isn’t dramatic, it unquestionably can get impractical, to put it lightly.

Paintball Vs Laser Tag: Closing Words

paintball vs laser tag

All in all, both paintball and laser tag are remarkably enjoyable and you should absolutely try both of them out if you get the chance.

However, while they both have their pros and cons, if it comes down to it, this ultimate comparison has positively shown that laser tag is the deserving winner.

It will offer you the same amount of excitement as paintball would, while simultaneously sparing you from any pain, discomfort, or big costs. Hence, don’t hesitate to have a go at it