Is Yoga A Hobby? Here’s What It’s Considered (Explained)

There’s been a lot of talk about if yoga is a hobby, and if you ask me, I’m not really sure why.

Allow me to easily answer if yoga is a hobby, as well as talk about other great related topics.

Is Yoga A Hobby?

is yoga a hobby

Yoga is absolutely a hobby. With regular practice, you can incorporate yoga into your life as the ideal means of both exercise and meditation.

Whether you’re an expert on the motions or a beginner finally dipping your toes in the water, yoga can be a daily habit that not only stimulates your body but your mind as well.

By making yoga a personal hobby, you’re allowing yourself to expand your capabilities both mentally and physically. With time and practice, you can become the perfect picture of health:

  • Fit.
  • Calm.
  • And in control.

What’s stopping you from letting yoga flow into your life, other than a lack of knowledge?

How Would You Describe Yoga As A Hobby? 3 Great Benefits

Yoga is the ideal hobby for many due to its versatility and flexibility (pun intended).

It is essential that the people of this day and age have a source of inner peace and an outlet for physical tension and yoga provides both of these, along with a few other benefits.

1) Yoga As A Hobby Can Be Done Anywhere

Whether you’re in your backyard, friend’s house, public park, or bedroom, you can practice yoga without much preparation. Ideally, you would have a yoga mat to keep your hands and knees from aching, but the theory remains: yoga can be done anywhere, anytime.

All you need to have on hand are:

  • Your knowledge of yoga.
  • Your desire to find peace.
  • And once again, your yoga mat.

What if I’m out of town?

No problem, find a soft surface in your lodging or a patch of grass outside, turn off your mind, and flow into the movements.

I get nervous exercising around others, is yoga for me?

Yes! Practicing in public or in a class is by no means necessary, and often the best meditation comes from practicing yoga in solitude.

My point is this: with the right mindset, you could do yoga at the peak of Mt. Everest or the middle of the Amazon, and everywhere in between (not recommended, of course).

The only limiting factor to where you can do yoga is your own confidence and desire for inner peace.

2) Yoga Is A Very Inexpensive Hobby

If you worry that getting into yoga is going to cost too much money, don’t let that stop you. Yoga can be done without a gym or studio membership, and most people already own comfortable clothing that they could practice in.

I would recommend finding a decent yoga mat, but you can find these online for under $30 (which isn’t quite free, but your joints will thank you).

You can practice yoga barefoot in a pair of gym shorts, right in the middle of your living room. You don’t need the expensive membership at your local gym, nor do you need the fancy yoga pants you see in media.

All you need is your mind, body, and willpower to practice yoga; all of which are free.

3) Yoga Can Help With Focus And Strength

There are two main components to the successful practice of yoga: mind and body. When practicing yoga, you let your mind slip away from your daily stresses and headaches, and through intentional breathing achieve a peace of mind you don’t typically find.

Achieving this state reduces stress and anxiety, and without these burdens on your mind, you can focus on what you find truly important.

Yoga has actually been used as a form of therapy for people of all ages, including trauma victims and those with severe depression and anxiety. The sense of peace and control you gain from practicing yoga is paramount to maintaining a healthy state of mind in your day-to-day activities.

Your body receives the same level of benefit as your mind during a yoga session. Your heart rate increases, your flexibility is improved, and your core is strengthened.

It is important to learn the proper techniques for each pose to avoid injury, but with proper practice, you can improve your overall health.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for middle-aged people whose joints are weakening. With a good mat and proper technique, you can strengthen those joints and tone muscles from all over your body.

Yoga can also increase core strength, which helps with back and hip pains; if yoga isn’t for you right now, remember it for down the road when you might need it.

Is Yoga A Must?

No, yoga is not a must. However, it can be extremely beneficial to those who commit themselves to the regular practice of it.

If you’re curious about yoga’s benefits but fear committing yourself entirely to it, try finding some easy poses to get your feet wet with, and see how that feels.

Who knows, you might find a passion for it you never knew you had.

Can I Put Yoga In My Resume?

Yes! Yoga has increased drastically in popularity recently, so it’s not unlikely that your employer is familiar with yoga or perhaps even practices themself.

Also, employers love to see yoga on a resume because it indicates an interest in personal health and development, as well as a calm, controlled mind.

Yoga Considered A Hobby: Closing Words

It is now evident that yoga is indeed a hobby, and can be done anywhere at no cost to you. The benefits of yoga are plentiful and make positive impacts on the lives of those who practice.

However, understanding that yoga is a hobby is one thing; the next step is figuring what you’re going to do with this knowledge.

Perhaps you’ve been curious about yoga and its benefits for some time now, in which case I encourage you to find some beginners poses and try them out at your earliest convenience.

If you had not really given yoga much thought before reading this, keep thinking about it. The effect yoga can have on your mind and your body is unmatched, and it’s worth giving it a chance at some point in your life.